Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Plastic and Water

Plastique et de l'eau
I honestly hope no one is getting sick of my illustrations. But I think I'll do more of these illustration sharing now, just because I'm trying to save more money by not going out as much. So because of that, I won't be sharing as many social photos as I did before. But I do have more time to draw, paint, and play with masking fluid. I had purchased my bottle of masking fluid for Illustration class and since then I've been in love with it. The only problem is how bad it is destroying my synthetic brushes. 

At the moment, its my favourite medium to work with. I can't do anything beyond messy watery illustrations for the moment. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pens can write, but they can draw too

Stylos peut écrire, mais ils peuvent dessiner de même.
I can't believe it took me only until the 4th month of this year to forget to blog. Then again, my last post was about the approaching deadlines and exams. I didn't realise how poorly organised I was. Just like my wishful thinking for this blog, I had some on my Draw a Day project... Which, well unfortunately didn't last as long as this blog. These were my 3 favourite biro drawings I did in my journal. Most of these are referenced from magazines from 2010. I am struggling to find new material to draw from. Hope you like these. I'm hoping to expand on the type of illustrations I do and maybe start doing commissions sometime soon. 

I've been liking the black biros more than my blue biros, and at the moment I'm trying to just be skilful at doing portraits, which are quite close up... For some reason I can't be damned to do a full body sketch or doodle. Bodies are so urgh. 

Monday, April 07, 2014

What am I snacking on? Matcha Goodness!

Je mange matcha pour une collation

So I work at the World Square Centre, and one day I had to go downstairs and buy some agar jelly powder from the Miracle Asian Supermarket... I didn't quite leave with just 2 packets of agar powder for $0.99 each... I spent a lot more, and thought since exams and deadlines are approaching what snacks I'm currently nibbling on. They aren't quite healthy, actually considering things snacks are never healthy. 

The first one are these corn chips, they are shaped like little shell/horns. They were $1.35 for a packet, and they have plenty inside, only 20% of the puffed up bag is air. Great for when you're writing things for a long period of time. 

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream - a great mix of my love for chewy mochi, ice cream and matcha! These had defrosted a bit when I finally got my teeth into this. But thats perfect since the mochi becomes extra chewy. And since our Aussie Winter aren't that cold, these are great year round and an amazing treat during Summer. Also, there are many different flavours, I've got my eye on this mango mousse flavour thats currently sitting in their freezer aisle. 

Puccho Miracle - I had my first taste of these when I was in Japan in 2007. I was watching Mai and her best friend trying to win a box of these from one of the claw machine. It was such a large box, we split it 3 ways, and I came back from Japan in October, and had enough to gobble down until January. It was many years later when I found the same branding of this again, it also featured as one of my layouts back in my html days.  These are basically little chew squares, with fizzy tablets and gummi pieces inside with fruity flavours. 
Green Tea Kit Kat - white chocolate infused with matcha and encasing wafer biscuits. Crispy and incredibly addictive. Also incredibly expensive, a bag was $10.10 I blame Lucy for my new matcha chocolate addiction. I've fallen into a huge Green Tea paradise, I have been liking a hint of green with my chocolate whether it be green tea or mint. 
Green Tea Pocky - obviously these bad boys sell out a lot so grabbed a box of these. Haven't tried yet, but I hope they give me the same kick of green tea chocolate and crispy pretzel sticks. 

Friday, April 04, 2014

Not enough time

Pas assez de temps

Its a little odd how quickly time flies, and whenever I look back at my instagram photos I ask myself "did I really do anything this past fortnight?" Because with only 8 photos for 14 day period, I find that surprising that I seem not to have accomplish anything. I guess that could possibly mean I am doing the right thing and that I am saving lots of mullah now.

I'm going to apologise for the lack of french in this post because I'm actually really busy now that assignment due dates are looming around the corner. As you know, as I'm not studying a university course with exams all my assessments seem to pop up a lot earlier and less frequently giving a larger weighting. It isn't nice when for an entire 6cp subject that I have only 2 assignments. That weighting will kill me. CRY!

Hope you all have a fabulous week. I guess this isn't much of an update.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Let's Get to know the blog #TAG

savez-vous que le blog # TAG

I think its a bit strange how impersonal my blog has gotten over the years I've been doing this. I know I had started this when I was 14 back in 2008, and I'll be turning 21 soon, so thats an amazing feat. But I feel as though (I say this every year) how disconnected my feelings are from my writing. So I think its time for a renewal for myself. Its also a habit of ourselves to continuously ask ourselves "who we are", so I thought that by the end of this post not only will any reader come to a better understanding of me, but hopefully I can find some closure as to who I identify myself as.

This hopefully won't go on for too long, but I've never liked some of the tags or surveys I've found on the internet, they ask ridiculous and questions that don't really observe someone's true self. So in an attempt to bring quality into the sea of crappy surveys I'm adding my own addition. It's the "Lets get to know the Blog #tag". Which after a quick google, doesn't exist yet! Horray! I invite anyone interested to do it. Whether its for the vloggers or the bloggers. I've also accompanied my Questions & Answers with some photos I took with my Holga DSLR Colour & Prism Wheel, but you don't need to include awkward selfies, you can share your favourite images, colours and music if you'd like. Have fun with it!

So lets get started!

Q1. What is your name for the Real World but what is your online Alias?  Quel est votre nom pour le monde réel, mais quelle est votre Alias online?
My name is Rosa, but since 2011 I've rebranded most of my online identity to "RDYN!" or "Rosa-dyn".
Q2. What did your blog start off to be and what do you think it is now? Quel était votre blog au début et maintenant, que pensez-vous que c'est? 
Honestly, I think back in 2008 it started off as a Teenager's window to the internet, it was really trivial. No consistency and was of course very embarrassing. There was no real trend or anything, at the time I really want it to be filled with a lot of imagery, because I found that a post would not be colourful with content and quality unless it was actually colourful. Now, I don't know what it is - it s a muddle of events I attend, food recipes or visits and a lot of my friends. I still don't know what to label it as, I feel like a lot of people label their blogs with makeup/beauty, lifestyle, design, art etc, but I honestly can't stick to one.
Q3. How do you source ideas for upcoming posts? Où viennent vos idées pour votre prochain poste?
I usually blog about anything that I have photos for, I usually go out a couple of times in a month, and I store my images, and plan out what it'd be about. If I was doing some cooking, and I had luckily documented that, it would result in a recipe post. If I was having dinner, I'd do a restaurant visit post. If I was at an event with friends I'd have post. Sometimes, when I am low on ideas I usually start digging for ideas like scanning work from uni, old drawings, and I always have my fortnightly Instagram Friday.
Q4. Do you schedule your post, if so how far ahead? And whats your schedule? Aimez-vous la planification blog, si oui, combien de temps avant? Et ce qui est votre horaire?
I do schedule my post, it depends if anything is happening, if I'm in a drought of ideas it's usually just a couple days ahead. But on my really good weeks (which means a very busy weekend of events), I could potentially have 2-3 weeks ahead. I currently have a blog schedule of posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Every 2nd Friday is an Instagram Recap.
Q5. Do you think blogging has changed you? Pensez-vous que les blogs vous a changé?
I was delusional from 2008-2010 where I honestly believed that blogging was a great way for me to practice writing and improve english for school... I remember how much Karl used to tell me that was a stupid thought. Which I guess was true, I never wrote lengthy posts. But though I do not heavily prioritised my blog as a whole, it was always consistent in my life and without thinking I will always remember to have a post ready ahead of time and on schedule. I guess it has turned into a sub-conscience habit.
Q6. What are your tools for the trade? Qu'est-ce que vous utilisez pour les blogs?
Typically, I have a vast array of cameras to choose from, including my Canon 450D, a Fujifilm Instax Camera, and various 35mm film camera from Lomography including Diana mini & Holga Fisheye. Sometimes I scan in work if they're already printed. Until I have a camera with a video function, everything will remain quite static. I don't really have a habit of writing down ideas on paper, I somewhat memorise things and hope I don't forget it.
Q7. What are some Blog-changing moments for you? Quels sont les moments qui changent la vie?
In 2009 & 2010 I went to blogging daily, that was a crazy idea... I honestly should have never done that. In 2010 I start Project365, but failed in August when my DSLR cord to connect to my comp didn't work anymore. But the quality of photos did get better. In 2011 I started a more realistic schedule. 2012, I got my own domain which I'm still using right now. 2013 I was recognised to have a food blogger component and I started a FB page, and 2014 I had my first PR post. I guess that means I'm getting serious with this blogging thing now.
Q8. What have been some blogging failures? Quels ont été certains de vos échecs?
I have countlessly tried and failed to make myself a fashion blogger, if you stalk back to 2009/2010 I tried several times to have a reputation on lookbook. That's embarrassing, whats worse is that I had tried to reboot that again last year. I can't promise I won't try again, but for the time being I can't imagine myself with a lookbook and maintaining that again. I think that is one of my biggest failures but following that would be the gross quality of content from when I tried to blog everyday, it was all jibberish.
Q9. Who have been some fellow bloggers who have inspired you today? Quels blogueurs vous ont inspiré pour arriver là où vous êtes aujourd'hui?
From the beginning I had Candy (who doesn't blog anymore), to become one of my regular readers from all the way from the States. I watched the rise of bloggers like Willabelle from Paledivision, Jess from JessLovesFred, Margaret from ShinebyThree and Mani from Eat Your Teacup. Back when google blog search existed, I had found a delightful bunch of people to read from everyday. I sourced blogs from tumblr, lookbook and through clicking through the comments. But I wouldn't have a blog to begin with if my cousin Theresa from Earmuffed (which doesn't exist anymore), hadn't pushed me to start. I started including gifs in my blog back in 2010 when I saw Sofie from the Milk Club do it first.  I also had the moral support of the girls from my school from 2008-2010 (when blogging died out). I was reunited with Kayla (who I went to Japan with in 2007) from a random google search a couple of years after. But over the years I could say I was very well shaped by blogs like VeryPurplePerson, Pigged-Out (url is dead), The Wander's Daughter, Jess from Sushi Box,  FashionToast, and PostSecret. I don't think I can include every blog that I've been inspired by over 7 years. But those are quite a few to name.
Q10. Blogging trends that you loved and hated. Tendances que vous avez aimé et détesté.
There were quite a few, at first I hated the move blogger did to xhtml. I like it now, it was a while for me to adjust but I like it. Tacky auto-playing music widgets. I can not explain how much I dislike opening a window and having poppy music play. I love the change to clean and minimalistic layouts. I still hate random spam comments from robots.
Q11. What are some things you've said way too often as a blogger, in real life and in your posts? Quels sont les phrases que vous avez dites trop souvent online et dans la vraie vie?
This will be quite a list, but most phrases will go along the lines of:
  • "Sorry, I've left this post for __some__ time, I'm such a bad blogger"
  • "I hope this post isn't too long"
  • "I'm sorry this is a short post, I'll make it up soon"
  • "Please enjoy this photography spammage"
  • "Sorry for the quality of the photos, it was low-light..."
  • "Maybe I'll tell you that another time" *never does
  • "I blog, on the internet"
Q12. Last but not least, what do you hope for the future? Qu'espérez-vous pour l'avenir?
I hope I'm consistently posting as I have been for quite this while. I hope I can finally share video content in 6months or so, be more varied in my content to include more fashion pieces, and hopefully turn this place into my journey to France for 2015. I hope the photo content becomes of higher quality, and hopefully have a new blog layout by July of this year. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Holga DSLR Colour & Prism wheel at Aileen's

La roue Holga DSLR Couleur & Prism à l'anniversaire de Aileen

I think sometimes, having a super clear and sharp images get a little boring. And they don't scream "fun" at all. So A while back (at the beginning of the year), I had received my Holga DSLR colour & prism wheel from photojojo. So its been a while since I've documented a birthday party, mostly because I had forgotten that I was carrying a hunk of a DSLR around in the first place. So a house party was perfect!

The thing about having a pin hole lens is the fact you need a lot of light, and if you're not in the sun at the beach you're probably going to have to use your in built flash. Which drains your batteries really quickly. Make sure you have your buddy fully charged!

Nothing screams fun more than multiplying the number of smiles from the same person again and again. Annie definitely takes the cake for the best expression when it comes to portrait shots. 

The fun doesn't end with just that, but when you've got the colour wheel on you've got a huge splash of colour, and it may not always be super flattering. But it is a lot of fun seeing what it'd look like if we're in a wash of red or green. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm almost there with Beignet

Je suis presque avec Beignet

I have no idea if that translated french sentence makes sense. But anywho, after a Disney Princess marathon, I've grown into a bigger than average Disney Fan. I've been dreaming of Disneyland, taking instaxs with every Disney Princess and even contemplating taking the Australia exchange at the Orlando Disney World in my final year of university (kinda crazy! I know!) But I watched the Princess and the Frog, and really wanted to try Tiana's specialty of BEIGNETS! So I googled several recipes online: through youtube, to blogs and to food network website. I think I understand the basis of it all. And I gathered some tips for you as well.

What you'll need for 50 beignet pieces:
1/2 cup of lukewarm water
1/8 cup of caster sugar
1 egg
1 tbspn of soften butter
1/4 cup of evaporated milk
2 1/2 cup of plain flour
1/2 packet of yeast
Pinch of Salt
and Oil to fry with
Icing sugar to dust


  1. Mix your sugar and yeast into your lukewarm water and leave it aside to dissolve and activate.
  2. Beat your egg, and add in your soften butter, milk salt and plain flour
  3. Mix your Sugar/Yeast water into your batter until you form a dough.
  4. After your dough comes together and isn't sticky on your hands and place in a floured bowl.
  5. Set your dough aside in room temperature with a damp cloth covering the bowl and let it proof minimum 3 hours. I left it overnight, and it became super airy.
  6. Roll out thin sheets, and cut into squares to fry.
  7. They should turn out as fluffy puffed squares that are golden brown. 
  8. Dust with icing sugar and serve.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The second week of avoiding flying coloured balls.

La deuxième semaine d'éviter le vol des boules de couleur.

We're at the halfway point for this little tournament that we've got going on. I've managed to catch a ball, got Ann out and gave Leigh a second chance and who soon after died. I also had my life taken while trying to save Peter's butt. But its all about team work isn't it. This week seemed to be much more entertaining, with rules being more solidified in our minds.

XD Fatima Miller won only one entire match against George's Hall. However we tried our best not to get smashed by the other XD, so we never lost an entire game. It was all left to Leigh to carry the team in some matches sometimes. And when its a sports game, it should be noted how hilarious some photos can get when you freeze frame them in midair or in action. Please enjoy some of the funniest of faces. 

And just because it's sunny, people who aren't in the game can be just as amusing and entertaining. So enjoy these daytime vampires with their sun umbrellas and some miscellaneous activities. 
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