Friday, August 01, 2014

University Student Lunchtimes: We said we wouldn't eat Korean

Université Déjeuners aux étudiants: Nous avons dit que nous ne serions pas manger coréen

So after work one day, Lucy managed to get out early from her Lecture. We decided to cruise around, grab a BOGOF from ChaTime World Square. Then visit Priceline during the Skin Care sale. I didn't manage to score anything but I found with great disappointment that Permanent Purple Hair Dye exist. Not Temporary or Semi-Permanent.... but Permanent. After our wander around we decided to have dinner. We said we wouldn't get Korean, but we ended up in Seoul-Ria. Up the elevator, through the door and greeted with "Annyeong haseyo" (안녕하세요 )

After ordering 3 dishes (which was definitely too much for us!) We received our sides. So many side dishes for two girls who weren't as hungry as they thought. We ordered 3 mains, one of the disappointing things about Seoul-Ria is that it doesn't have an array of chicken dishes... But the logic behind our order was to have One Spicy, One Noodle and One with meat. 

Our Spicy: Tteokbokki - $12
Our Noodle: Black Bean Noodles $12
Our Meat - Beef Bimbimbap ~$14-$16

Mixing BimbimBap is somewhat entertaining, seeing your egg disappear and watching everything cook. I guess thats why eating at PepperLunch is rather amusing. Lucy and I went through the BimBimBap really quickly, we finished it all. And it was only when we realised we still had the other two dishes we knew we had ordered too much. I enjoyed the tteokbokki, it's much spicier than ones I've had at other korean restaurants. But it was really enjoyable, what's nice is that the tomato flavours were really coming through the sauce. The Black Bean Noodle isn't as amazing as the one you can have at Arisun, the sauce feels thicker to me, but it was still awesome. When it came time for the two of us to grab the takeaway boxes I got to take the Black Bean Noodles home.

This has been the third time I've eaten here, I dn't think I've really mentioned it before. I think Seoul-Ria is definitely more suited to being the Korean BBQ sort of Korean Restaurants. Service is adequate, you get a doorbell on your table so its easy to call for help. But as it was 10pm when we were eating we didn't really have that problem. One thing to note is that they have a minimum eftpos of $45!

(And yes. Hi Lucy!)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lucy's Midnight 21st Birthday Cake

Minuit 21 Gâteau d'anniversaire de Lucy

Lucy is probably laughing at me and going, 'OMGOSH WOMAN! WHY DID YOU PUT THAT PHOTO UP!" And I'd politely respond with "because I love you". But it was recently her 21st Birthday. Bryan, Catherine and I drove out to her house in two cars and told her we were going to surprise her. Yes, we informed her of the surprise. And thats probably why when we arrive she wasn't home. The worst! So we parked outside waiting for her to get home. And then I whipped out two giant jelly puddings: Mango & Lychee. While we didn't have any birthday candles for her, its great she was prepared for her own surprise with a pack of candles instead!

So for the rest of the early hours of her birthday, Lucy and I tried to make a cute Japanese Candy Cake by Kracie's Happy Kitchen Range. I've never made this version. And let me say, I ate it and was surprised the sponge cake was actual sponge. We had a lot of fun. And it may not be the fanciest cake one could receive for their birthday it was the cutest... even though she had to make her own cake. 

If you haven't already, check out her blog yo

Monday, July 28, 2014

Youtube Monday: Chat in my Bed - My Canberra Cousins

Youtube Lundi: chat dans mon lit - Mes cousins ​​Canberra

So, its not very often my cousins from Canberra can pay a visit to Sydney. So while they were here for just one night, I decided to drag them in front of a camera. And have a spontaneous video about our cities that we don't represent but have some sort of opinion on.

We decided on 5 reasons why "our city" is better, I am pretty sure we lost track of what number we were on. And thats somewhat pathetic considering we only needed to count to 5. So enjoy our little online debate.

[editted: ReUpload]

Friday, July 25, 2014

Instagram Friday: Boom! A video as well!

Instagram vendredi: Boom! Une vidéo aussi!

I like how the video plays selected frames from the video, but if you've watched it now you know how horrendous my hair looks. It's a love hate relationship, started with a thought and then it happened within 48hours. If you saw in my Hair Priceline Haul, you would have seen that I purchased quite a bit of peroxide. And since I was leaving next year and carrying peroxide to another country is considered illegal, I had to do it here in Aus at some point. And why not now?

I've bleached it three times in hour long sessions, it still feels like its black healthy oily self. But I don't want to take the risk of it going straw-like so I'm conditioning and putting oils every night. I haven't gotten proper toner yet so I smothered my hair in purple hair dye, and due to a terrible first bleaching session my hair is quite patchy. I hate it so much! Hopefully I can fix it up in a month period.

Anywho! Instagram post, I've eaten at Kingswood Cafe at World Square, Grill'd at World Square, Passionflower at Capitol Square and at Stitch Bar. I've celebrated two twenty-first birthdays and I've been trying a new limecrime lipstick, and wearing big red boots. 

I can't believe uni starts next week, I haven't gotten any emails and haven't bothered to check what rooms my first 9am class is. I am not ready for this! I've been crusing through the break, I was taking it for granted!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peters 21st Birthday Gifs!

Gifs 21ème anniversaire de Peters

Screw real time gifs, speed them all up and make them look like reaction gifs you'd find on tumblr or 9gag! Anywho, I remember back when I first started spam reading blogs and I used to always skip the videos if they are featured in a post. However nowadays I am finding myself really loving both the Youtube and Blog platforms. And Gifs are like the in between sort of thing.

Recently I attended Peter's 21st Birthday. Twenty-One is a big thing so of course I took some footage of it all. I don't seem to be taking my DSLR out as much to take portraits anymore. If you notice I just haven't been doing that for almost half a year. Which is a little out of the ordinary, however I do have these gifs I made from the footage I took. Enjoy the sparkle!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Youtube Monday: Week's Highlight - Day out & Peter's 21st

Youtube Lundi: Semaine de Highlight - journée dans la ville et le 21e de Peter

Third week in a row! Huzzah, I know this video seems to be a cheap out but I think its important if I did do some sort of highlights reel of the week. This may seem like a better option so I don't run out of content or to help me practice to become a great cinematographer! I'll be in a beautiful countryside sometime next year and I might as well shoot it with steady hand. So practice makes perfect!

This video has mainly 2 features. My day out with my youngest brother, it was his last day before he started school again. So I took him out to sushi train at my favourite place: Takumi. We went bowling because my plans to go ice skating and IMAX had fallen through. And of course finished the day with desserts at Passionflower.

The next feature was Peter's 21st Birthday. It was a cold night but everyone kept warm in each other's company. I've included a few snippets of his Birthday Speech because of course he'll need those memories down the track. :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Something New: Sleeping under Fairy Lights

Quelque chose de nouveau: Dormir sous les lumières de fées

I am quite amused at how hilarious this gif looks. It looks like one of those creepy reaction gifs you find on tumblr or 9gag. Anywho, I don't often use my staff discount to purchase something for myself. So this is probably one of those strange things I've bought. It's a 20 light fairy light that is powered on 3 AA batteries. They're really pretty but the best part is that it comes with 51 letters and a Ampersand.  I think there are 2 rather interesting things about this purchase. 

1. I'm moving out in 6months so I haven't had any desire to spend any money to decorate my room. 
2. That I bought fairy lights. I was never going to get into the whole fairylights above my bed things. Because I know the reason it came about was to create pretty bokeh in the background of filming. I can't sleep when theres lights on. So wasted purchase?

Hell no! I've been snapchatted mages of my lights. They've been saying friendly greetings to things I wouldn't show my grandma. They are rather beautiful. I'd thought I'd just share you a slice of my room, and I'm definitely bringing these along with me when I move out. (They'll also make special appearance in future videos! Trust me on that for sure!)

Typo Alphabet Lanterns $39.95

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

After Work food: Ragu Pasta & Wine Bar

Après le travail: Ragu Pasta & Wine Bar

So its been a long time since I've shared where I've been eating. But I want a quick mention of this little bar which I've been visiting lately. So I had to work at Sydney Westfields recently, and after work I went upstairs craving some sort of pasta. And well, this was the only place that was going to get me any. If you just want pasta they have a nice simple way of ordering it. You choose your pasta and you choose your sauce.

After ordering and paying you get your vibrating device. Which is handy since you are in Westfields, and seats may not always be as close as you'd like to your bar. So far I've only had the pleasure of trying the same dish because I love fettucine and I love carbonara sauce! So I ordered that and I said yes to having parmasen cheese on top.

Things to recommend. Don't get the parmasen cheese with carbonara. It is definitely too overwhelming! I wish there were mushrooms in these but there just wasn't any! The first time round I remember having perfectly cooked pasta and it was much creamier. The last time I had it the pasta had the texture of being a little undercooked, and the sauce was drier. I still enjoyed the meal but I didn't finish it due to the overwhelming cheese. Maybe I'll try it again some day... But I'm never at Westfields anyway!

Ragu Pasta & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

Monday, July 14, 2014

Youtube Video Monday: My Travel History.... so far

Vidéo Youtube lundi: Mon histoire de Voyage .... jusqu'ici

Oh look! I've created a really nice and clean gif of the opening title of my youtube video. Isn't it glorious, goodness. You cannot image the amount of work I went through just to animate that banner. It wasn't too much, but there was work! Anyway as I have promised. Every Monday there will be a new Youtube video! I've kept my word! Horray! But then again. It is only the 2nd week! Who knows how 2 months down the road will be. 

I've actually been having difficulty with this video, it turned out longer than expected. And the editting (since I'm trying new things) is a little fidgety. I learnt no, do not try and make a 10minute long After Effects animation if my laptop can't handle that amount of work! And yeah well, sorry about the quality. I haven't worked out the best settings to import without creating a huge 53gb file!

So like I've mentioned, I've made a lengthy 8:40 video on where I've been. I can't believe its that long. But trust me I cut down the footage from 20minutes. I ramble a lot. And for some reason added small anecdotes in. I'm still not completely comfortable in front of the camera but I expect in due time. 

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Instagram Friday & New Blogging Schedule!

Instagram Vendredi et New Blogging Horaire (?)

Hello again! Three weeks without instagram, well here it is. And sorry to disappoint. It looks like I haven't been flicking through the app or doing anything fascinating thats worth snapping! But heres what I managed to capture in the last few weeks!

1. I made mochi, and skewered them on a toothpick to make it look like dango. They are so delicious, and I know they're tasteless. I had them boiled up and covered in condensed milk. 2. This was before my lipstick ban, wearing #RedVelvet Limecrime Velvetines. Right now my lips are currently ina  terrible condition. Damn you winter and your drying skin ways! 3. The ink lineart for the Emma Woodhouse Illustration I had recently shared on the previous Wednesday. 4. A homemade dinner with some friends: Beef Lasagne, Steamed Veggies, Mashed Potatoes & Sauteed Mushrooms! 5. An introduction I'll make very soon, but my new regular shooting buddy: the Canon EOS 70D. 6. Spinach Ravioli at Nosh Up (Used to be Cr8 Pasta Bar) at the World Square Centre. 7. New Lanterns from the Typo Store, and has been my most favourite purchase yet!

So like the heading says. There will be a new blogging schedule for the rest of the year! I don't think I have many consistent readers but for those who would like to know when they are getting certain fixes now you'll know!

Every Monday at 12pm:
ONE Youtube Vlog post from Avec Rosa
Every Wednesday & Second Friday at 12pm:
A Miscellaneous post: Food, Event, Drawing, Art, Visits etc
Every Other Friday at 12pm:
Instagram Catch Ups!

Yes! I know what this means, there will be a vlog from my new youtube channel every week! What an aim that'll be. I think obviously the quality will waver every now and then when Uni kinda kicks in and kills me but I think it'll be a great achievement to finally get comfortable in front of the camera!

Remember! You can connect with me here too!