Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peter's 19th Birthday BBQ

Sometimes when I re-visit my own blog I notice a few things, I constantly overfill my posts with photos and follow with a few lines of when it happened and thats roughly about it. I think its time for me to revamp my blog again. More enthusiasm! On Wednesday, Peter (Huy) finally reached the age of 19! Almost Fifty of his closest friends turned up at TK Something BBQ Restaurant at Canley Vale. It was my first visit there and its like a Korean BBQ Experience, the difference is it's all you can eat for a set amount of time. Since it was Function, we had no time-limit and our Quote included unlimited free Drinks too!

The place is easy to get to, walking distance from Canley Vale station and I know that the Car Park always have space. I got there relatively early so I could take photos of the place. There were many tables, and each table has a grill set up with an overhead fan/suction thing. When I was seated we were given 2 tongs to cook with, a pair of scissors, a box of tissues and 2 menus.

The waiters and waitresses soon came around to each of our tables to give us some side dishes like Potato and Egg salad, Kim Chi and a variety of sauces as well as turning our grill on. I remember one of Trish's first comments was how they gave us flat plates when we were going to have rice. We also took a glance at the menu and saw the strange array of meats including Nem Nuong (Vietnamese style meat pattie) at a "Korean" style BBQ as well as Kangaroo.

We tried to order as many plates of meat, ensuring we made the most of the price we paid to eat. It was just non-stop eating for some time, continuously ordering new jugs of drink, more bowls of rice and soon we got into ordering vegetables along with the meat. We had Pork, Chicken, Beef, Calamari, Kangaroo, Mussels, Skin, Octopus, etc.

Before visiting this place, I would go online the night before (sometimes weeks before) and read reviews from other bloggers. One thing they all seem to mention is the Creme Brulee. And! That the dessert bar is also part of the all you can eat. There was Creme Brulee, Panna Cottas, Watermelon slices, Lychee, Green Jelly and other traditional Asian Desserts. When I saw the Creme Brulee being stocked for the evening, I ran from my table to grab one. Despite it not having set to the right consistency I enjoyed breaking the crisp sugary exterior. By the end of the night I had consumed 4 Creme Brulee, each one more set than the previous. I definitely enjoyed those! And they continuously stock the desserts throughout the night so just when you think you ate it all, there's more!

After everyone had their fill, we blew out Peter's Birthday Cake, took several group photos and gave him his goodies to commemorate his day. The waiters and waitresses of the restaurant were all super friendly with our rowdy behaviour during those moments and we were absolutley grateful for it. My table went through 3 large bowls of Rice, 14 plates of meat, 3 plates of Vegges and 18 plates of Dessert! For the Function special Quote of $34 I think I definitely got my fair share.

The Whole cooking your own food is great, and please ensure you're hungry before you go. Just so you make the most of your money. If you're not going to visit as a function it would usually be $29.95 per person. Drinks aren't included in the buffet. But make sure you try the desserts, staff are super friendly :)

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  1. looks like you had a great night! great idea about the blog revamp! i look forward to hearing more (not just seeing). although, your own gifs look awesome! so cool! :)


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