Saturday, August 04, 2012

High Tea at Bayside Lounge

It has been recently decided by Mel and myself that we were the "High Tea Couple". We've noticed every outing we've had we've been having our catch-ups only at High Tea. Though previously, we've only been to the Tea Room at QVB. We decided to extend our range and wanted to go elsewhere. I found out that the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre's Bayside Lounge offers afternoon Tea.

Mel was kind enough to pick me up before we drove up to the city. We talked the whole way, I wasn't even listening to the music. We discussed p-platers, driving, parking, high school, uni-life and children? It was just one of those random catch ups and it was really good.

We were welcomed in by very friendly staff, who quickly directed us to our seats and asking what drinks we'd like to start with. Since Mel was driving she couldn't have the champagne, so she asked for what the alternatives were. The waitress was really kind, and listed what she could remember. The place was really modern and open in comparison to the atmosphere at the tea room. The windows let in a lot of the afternoon light which allowed guests to feel so calm and relaxed.

I ordered a flute of champagne and Mel ordered a lemon lime bitter. They soon arrived and I took the pleasure of having my first sip. Turns out, I still don't like wine. I didn't know how that was going to change, ever, but I don't think I'll ever grow accustomed to the taste. Mel and I discussed how it was really great how we also get drinks alongside our High tea, but it was strange for us that we didn't get the tea first.

The Tier arrived with a waiter, who explained what each item on the plates were and even kindly instructing us in what order we should have them. From the look of the tiers it looked really good, and fulfilling. As always, the instructions were to eat from the bottom up.

Plate One: Duck Confit Pie with Eschalots and Merlot Jus was the first thing Mel and I picked up from the tiers. It was definitely the best first impression, the pastry and the duck meat just was amazing. It may have been the only duck pie I've had, but it surely was a splendid one. We were thinking about this first bite the whole way through as we were dining. Then after having a few sips of our drinks, chatting about we picked up the Smoked Chicken and Asparagus Finger Sandwich. I've never had asparagus, and neither had Mel, and it was definitely a really good sandwich. Bread was soft and fresh, and chicken and asparagus was mixed well together. The sandwich was a reasonable size, I think it was bigger than the tea room but that may be because it was definitely thicker with more filling.

From this plate, we only picked up the Crystal Bay Prawn and Cucumber Bruschetta before moving to the top tier. Planning to save the best for last. The whole thing was more of a palate cleaner, after having such quite rich flavours it was very cleansing and refreshening, perhaps that was the cucumber slices' doing as well as the cheek of lemon.

It was dessert time, Mel and I were so tempted to just eat piece after piece but wanted to savour them a bit more by chatting in between. However, it was much more difficult than we had anticipated as we'd consistently had our eyes focuses to the side where they were just staring at us. We chose the Valrhona Chocolate Torte with Clotted Cream, it was really rich, crumbly yet moist. We had to wash it down with a few sips of water before we moved on to the Macaron. It was a disappointment of a macaron though, it wasn't the worst I've ever had. It tasted great, it reminded me of the dark purple skittle. The cream was lovely, it didn't make the macaron overly moist. The feet was good, but the macaron shells were hollow. The outer shell was almost just breaking off after the first bite.

 We followed the macaron with the White Chocolate Pistachio éclair. It was absolutely amazing, the choux pastry was great, the custard inside was the right thickness and sweetness. The crunch of the pistachio nuts and then the creamy white chocolate. These textures and tastes fit well with each other. Mel was really pleased, she wasn't much of a custard fan but she really loved it. LAST but not least! we picked up the Orange and Vanilla Crème Brûlée, I've become quite a Creme Brulee fan since TK Something. Mel and I picked up our teaspoons and enjoyed the delight of cracking the crisp sugar caramel. The caramel was sweet, it didn't have the overpowering bitterness which was delightful as I scooped up the insides with it. There were pieces of orange and the vanilla flavour was quite balanced. I felt like I was overindulging but I just wanted more.

It was as we were picking up our Creme Brulee, when a waitress came up to our table to ask for our tea order. I wanted jasmine, but turns out they only had green tea which I gladly accepted anyway. Mel ordered Earl Grey. They arrived shortly afterwards. The ceramics aren't the same as the Tea Room, but they have their own charm. The set up was modern to begin with. The pots can fill roughly 3 cups, but I was satisfied with my 2 already.

I would definitely come here again, Mel and I both gave the place tips for their service. We were really happy with it. This sort of High Tea would have a larger guest type, I'd definitely bring Bien here one day. Since it doesn't have those girly features other High Tea has.

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  1. I love high tea's, the food looks so good like usual! I

  2. The foods looks delicious. It makes me hungry. You take good photos. Have a nice one. =)

  3. Looks so delicious! I love high teas.


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