Saturday, September 29, 2012

Art&About Opening Night and Dinner at Lowenbrau, The Rocks

On the 21st, it was Art & About Opening Night. There was a free concert and many art installations were open and active around Sydney. I'm planning on paying a closer visit to these installations at a later date. But I'll definitely share those photos.
Whilst in the smaller crowd of the event, Bien was attacked by his friends. And we ended up having dinner for some dude's Birthday. I don't even remember his name, I felt like a huge intruder. So the venue was at the Rocks at a german restaurant named Lowenbrau. The boys wanted to try the Mango Beer before we were able to get a seat. From then on I shared with Bien a Lowenschnitzel.
(Chris, Tan & Gordon)
The fries were $7! I thought that was a bit over priced. The night was incredibly packed, we waited in the bar for 30minutes before our table was free. The boys said the beer had no taste in beer at all and it was purely juice. But I definitely smelt the alcohol/the beer. The food was really nice, our orders got a bit muddled up. My pot of tea came late. They thought we meant replace our fries with creamy mash but we got our fries back later on. The waitress seemed a bit stressed out that night since the orders got muddled up. But thats alright. I'd dine again and try the Pork Knuckle.

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