Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Art Day + AbsintheSalon, Surry Hills

Oh! This is my 1000th Post on my Blog. I'm a bit proud, consistently (definition argued) for the past few years. But that however is not why I'm making this post. Last Saturday I went out for a Date I guess with Bien to see Art & About, Sydney as well as Eugene's Art Exhibition at National Art School. That wasn't all on the agenda, we also made a visit to the AbsintheSalon because it sounded quite cool. The first installation I saw was "I wished you hadn't asked" which many have called the House that rains inside. It is just that, its a house set up at St James and it rains inside! There's normal furniture and books and tv. It is set out just the same. We are invited to enter wearing the raincoats provided and to go in barefoot.
As always, some of the best exhibits are up in Hyde Park. One of my favourite places in the city. I took my time looking at the large scale prints of Sydney Life photos.
So as we walked through Hyde Park, down Oxford St we eventually arrive at NAS. It would have been almost two years since I was last there. The layout was just the same as I remembered. And it was really interesting seeing how year 11s present their ideas in their chosen discipline.
Just because Gelato Messina was a block or two away, we made our way there to try some gelato that has been given so many good words about. And they did not fail to impress me, next door I was amazed at the splendid ice cream cake concoctions. I just wanted to try the Samurai or the Itty Bitty. But we opt for a scoop in waffle cones. I got a Hazelnut and Bien got a Salted Caramel with White Chocolate. We both really indulged in the gelato. Absolutely amazing, I will probably pay visits at the store at Pyrmont.
We walked down Bourke St and turned into Albion St. There was a quiet corner with a deceptive face which was the store location to Absinthe Salon. Yes, many have heard of my mishap with absinthe. It definitely isn't my favourite drink but I saw lots of interesting photos about this place. The ritual is intricate and the room is beautiful. Bien and I both ordered one Absinthe, I got 45% and he got 68%. We also ordered a sweet plate and I had to dilute my drink a lot since I'm quite the weak drinker and my tastebuds are sensitive. Afterwards we both got Creme D'Absinthe.
Before we headed home we went back to Hyde Park to see the "Emergence" Installation. Its actually quite hard to find. We didn't realise it was situated in the corner.

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  1. oh my, the food pictures! Looks so delish.

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