Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our 9 months Anniversary Date

I don't usually post my dates with Bien on my blog often. But I'm actually proud of my dates, because I think I plan some really fun ones. To be frank, I think I try and make any outing I go on, regardless of who with to be fun. Since the INTERNET! For every outing, I'd do a bit of researching, or I'd pick things from a list of places I've wanted to try. I'm usually always prepared. So my secret? Read other blogs, Urbanspoon, Whats' On Sydney, Tumblr, and good ole' Google. So on the 16th of November, Bien and I marked our 9 months anniversary, this being the longest relationship we've ever had because neither of us (despite being 19) ever really "Dated". We spent most of our schooling' years being nerds and being single. Also apologise I'll be using Instagram photos to assist the "visuals".

Anyway, on that Friday we set out to Circular, had a bit of a break at MCA Cafe which is on the rooftop. I ordered Shoestring Fries and Saffron Sauce and a hot chocolate. Bien ordered just a coke. We sat at a table under the shelter and just looked out over the harbour as the city was experiencing on and off drizzle. We attempted to take a polaroid with the bridge behind us. But, of course its very difficult when your arms are only so long.
After our snacking, we went through all the Gallery Spaces in the MCA from Level 4 to Ground. Checking out MCA's Collection, the flipping colours as well as Spiderman. Biens' always freaked out about it because "his ass is so big". After looking through the familiar works, as well as Ken Whisson, which Bien didn't appreciate at all. There was one work we discussed further than other's titled "Aladdin", it was basically a sex scene. We went down another level to see Primavera2012. Enjoying the two receipt machines having a neverending conversation. We crossed the Gallery floor to check out Claire Healy & Sean Cordeio. There were packaged houses, airplanes, TARDIS & Dinosaur. Definitely a favourite room for both Bien & I. For an engineering student, he actually understood the intent of the artists, which is nice.
After spending a while at MCA, we took a stroll through the Rocks' as everything was being set up for the night markets & Village Bizarre. We walked through the light sprinkles to the Wharf's to check out LuminoCITY, a UNSW Architect Graduate Exhibition. The Great Hall there is a great exhibition space. It was great seeing the designs for buildings as well as the prototypes for the Industrial Design students. We asked one of the attendants to take a polaroid for us while we stood infront of one of the rainbow lit models, (which were at Custom House earlier in the week).
After we had looked through both floors of the exhibits, we walked down Kent Street to find Lucetta Pizzeria e Trattoria for their $12.90 lunch. The were very sweet. I couldn't finish my Florence Pizza and they were so kind to offer takeaway for the remaining slices. It was a great cozy experience. I'd visit again!
Lucetta Pizzeria e Trattoria on Urbanspoon
From here we walked and strolled through Circular Quay and the Rocks. The events of the night didn't start until 6:30pm. We took more polaroids with the Environmentally friendly Christmas Tree and I caved by buying two macarons and another hot chocolate from Baroque, which I've been insistent to try for years but never got the chance because I wasn't in the area. I wish I visited an hour later so I could have tried their Creme Brulee. The macarons were perfect regardless, their Salted Caramel has a stronger butter flavour than other SC macarons I've tried.
At 6:30pm the Village Bizarre was on! Bien and I picked up our Rabbit Masks from the information desk, and walked to the White Rabbit Bar. Entry was only allowed to white rabbits. The place had been all funked up with everything being painted white. The DJ played some steady tunes. After a while we got bored of the place. We got the DJ to take a polaroid for us though.
After leaving the bar we walked up the Lost Laneways and found the Silent Disco. Since it had been raining, it was set up underneath two large umbrellas with hanging disco balls. The attendant gave us two headphones to wear while we danced in what everyone saw silence... It was a bit awkward to get into it. But thanks to the songs that played we got really into it. I would have to say it was thanks to YMCA that we were able to create a large group fo 20 or so partying with us. We picked up tickets for the Story of Horrendous Nature & took part of Hula Hooping activity. It was really hilarious watching Bien trying to Hula Hoop for the first time. He would comment bitterly as we watched this 8 year old compete with him.
After watching the show, we walked down to Moh's Hair and Beauty where it was my turn to have my hair styled for free. Full creativity given to the hairdresser and she turned my long hair into some elaborate yet simple updo.
We finished the night off with going to the photobooth which actually uses an old Polaroid Land Camera model 103. We dressed up in the props available as the attendant took our photo for $5.


  1. Looks like a great day, congratulations. <3

  2. Happy 9 Months! It looks like you both had an amazing despite your boyfriend not appreciating MCA as much as you did :P. All the food you had looks so good! Thanks so much for your HSC tips haha (: I actually missed out on a few weeks of the beginning of term 4 so I was a little lost with the whole process.

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