Saturday, December 01, 2012

Kim's Series of Birthday Surprises

Kim, the slowest amongst our GDM was and shall forever be the easiest to surprise on her birthday. Besides the traditional Midnight Birthday Surprise we always had done, we had planned many series of gifts that followed for a few days. We had been able to get her a new phone, since her old one just seemed obsolete (IT HAD BUTTONS), we bought her a Samsung Galaxy SII. But one of the most intimate of surprises was on her Birthday Beach Outing. We met up at her home, separated into the cars and went on a road trip to La Perouse. The beach is absolutely beautiful, very quiet and very clean.
Throughout the day at the beach we had several throwing people in the water because they had a mental repulsion to the water. We witnessed Peter almost drowning, several board flippings, rock exploration, sand castle building, and attracting attention to a stingray.

And what would the day at the beach without building a human pyramid, making gifs, and taking lots of strange and awkward group photos. Yes, the boys had made their own Gay Scale ( no intention for offense) and while the several girls who were able to attend built our own human pyramid and took as many jumping photos as we could!
And soon the sun was setting for the day, we packed up and placed everything in the car. Ran up to a viewing point to watch the sunset, what Kim didn't know was that we were going to give her the next gift. A diary which had all our birthday messages printed within it.
You would think something as fulfilling as today was enough and everyone was ready to go home, wash up and sleep for at least 14 hours but no. We drove to Thai-Namic and had a dinner. Across the table there was Tom Yum Fried Rice, Pad See Ew, Pad Thai, Ox Tongue, BBQ Chicken, Paw Paw Salad, Salt & Pepper Squid, Kee Mao. And for dessert there was several Lychee Shakes, Watermelon Shakes, Avocado Shakes, and several mocktails and who could forget Fried Ice cream. I heard great things from my cohort about the BBQ Chicken, and the ox tongue and even the paw paw salad. Everyone was greatly satisfied with their dishes, even the ones that worked at other Thai Restaurants were saying how the food was better than their own. The only disappointment was in the fried Ice cream. The crispy outer layer was bland to what I've tried. Competitors Holy Basil & Green Peppercorn has got it going on with the extra caramel flavour. However, the crumble of peanuts, muesli and coconut was lovely. It was also far cheaper than any other place it was offered the dish was only $9.90. The Ambiance is delightful as always, and everything to service was great. However with our great table the waiter did forget about some requests like chopsticks were made.

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time out with your friends at La Perouse. I have actually never been before but definitely should take a visit when I'm near the area!


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