Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another long day with Mel pt.1

Though, I never know exactly who reads my blog but those who do, I feel like would have grown a sense of my closest friends here since their faces seems to pop up much more frequently. So another face, and definitely not new is Mels'. We have a specific tag on my blog called "High Tea with Mel", and its no disappointment that we went. We try new places everytime, and this trip was definitely something. But to begin the day, we decided to pop a visit at Kirribilli Markets, perfectly under shelter of the bridge in a tunnel. Sounds beautiful, and I actually bought a few things.

I wish I was more game to take more photos in public. I know this is poor form from me, after how many years of blogging you'd think I'd develop some sort of tolerance and lack of shame. But there is something embarrassing about pulling a big black DSLR out of your bag to take photos of minute things and with people in the background. I always feel that sense of discomfort at the hairline of my neck. So I'm sorry if we have to make do with terribly unfocused and quickly shot photos.

The atmosphere at this market is definitely different to what I've felt from markets like Glebe, Paddington, but every market has their own vibe. I quite like the number of second hand stalls available (allowing me to get a few little things myself). It still had a nice selection of market food, and since my diet at UTS has been mostly of pides, I'd thought its about time I'd have a gozleme. And Mel bought this beef pancake roll from the Russian Stall.

The Sydney weather decided to grow some boobs and became calm, and so we decided to take the scenic route to Neutral Bay from Milson's Point. This was a 40minute trek, and mostly on Ben Boyd Road. The neighbourhood here is different to everywhere else I've come to visit, people were complimenting me on my hair! Everyone was starting a conversation, its like how friendly Busby Town would be. When we got to Neutral Bay, it wasn't too hard to find the White Hart. It's got this most beautiful and retro ambience.

So we were first served a pot that was steaming! But it wasn't hot, it was quite cool and it was lovely effect of dry ice to make it do this. I won't lie, I'm twenty, I'm not ashamed to say that I did get a bit tipsy. More than I have allowed myself to get in the city, since my preference to drink is in a safer environment. And throughout the whole explanation process by the very kind waiter, I wasn't retaining any information. So this was called "blah blah blah with dry ice", but with some research I found out it was Long Island Iced Tea, which is notorious for having a higher alcohol content than what can be tasted. Aka, deadly for a mere light-medium weight drinker. I am ashamed that throughout the whole experience, I had little over a cup and I was slurring my words, and sharing irrelevant stories to Mel. However, as she was getting the same effect we were just two young girls giggling away in the corner of the bar.

Soon after having possible half a cup of this sweetened toxin, the three tiered goodies arrived. As only one of each was available except the marshmallows, we had to choose which we wanted. I ended up having the White Peach Bellini, deconstructed Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea Marshmallow, Clover Club sorbet, and shared the gin/vodka tonics, chocolate soil and absinthe snakes, and espresso foam. These are all deconstructed cocktails, so everything has the lovely alcoholic pang too it, our favourite for the whole deal was the absinthe. My goodness, we could have gobbled down that for lunch, and dinner. All day, every day.

I highly recommend this high tea, its such a great and fun twist to the other classed up places I've been.

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So far this post has gone far too long. Come back for part 2!

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  1. I've never been to Kirribilli markets, I should check it out soemtime. And I definitely get what you mean about feeling uncomfortable with the DSLR at times, which is why I've been using my phone more and more to take pictures... sometimes I do regret not using the camera, though.

    I love how you have a high tea tag! I STILL haven't gone to one even though I've been dying to. Sounds like this one was particularly alcoholic, haha.


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