Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Crackling crackle from Mr Crackle

Crépitement craquement de M. Crackle.

It was a Thursday, and my company for the day asked me to choose our lunch. After the hype that popped in and around on instagram and blogosphere, I took her and myself down Oxford St to indulge in some of it. Please note, I visited Mr Crackles weeks before the Sydney Food Bloggers' Picnic. We had both ordered Crackle's Classic ($10) which was made up of "crisp skinned slow roast 5 spiced pork belly served with vietnamese salad in a roll." We decided we may need a side as well so we opt for Hot chips ($4.5). We also ordered some drinks each.

After picking up our order, we walked in the direction of Surry Hills and sat down in amongst the park. By then, our chips had cooled down and gone a bit soft. So since it was my fault, I will not review it. Alrighty!

Crackle's Classic - The bun was so tough but I loved that, it was soft inside and just amazing. The crackle was incredibly salty and crispy and everything perfect. The meat was so juicy and fattening and goes so well with the rich creamy mayo. It was completely smothered in it. The salad was great, but I would dispute whether it was "Vietnamese". Overall it was amazing, and I am salivating thinking about taking a bite. It's the perfect amount of fattening that a petite girl could want.

Service? It was great, just a little confusion whilst ordering as the girl who served us didn't have the best english.
Ambiance? Sadly, the dining in option is not often one as theres only a few high stools and they were completely occupied there. However, looking at the pork crackles staying toasty was agonizing to watch.
Would I come back again? Yes for sure! I am very keen to drag some friends over to enjoy. I love the fat feeling I get and the salty and creamy and the textures.

I would definitely go out of my way for this, because sadly I know no where else for a quick crackling fix.
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  1. I had been dreaming about those crackles since the picnic. Need to go to this place ASAP!

  2. That crackles classic is freakin amazing!!! I can't wait to have it again.


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