Friday, March 14, 2014

Have some over-saturated photography of weeds

Avoir une certaine photographie saturé de mauvaises herbes

Yesterday afternoon, I was at my Dad's friends house. He has an elaborate collection of Bonzai Plants. But I'm a weirdo so instead of focusing my photography on the entirety of the plants I was attracted towards the weeds and growth that were at the bottom of their pot. I did process these photos through photoshop, so they look quite oversaturated. THE WAY I LIKE IT. I've actually been panicking a little lately. I'm putting in paperwork for my abroad study for next year and been making a rough itinerary for it.

Hier après-midi, j'etait à la maison de l'ami de mon père. Il possède une collection d'arbes bonzai. Mais, je suis bizarre alors j'ai pris des photos des mauvaises herbes. Les photos sont passé par photoshop et ils sont sursaturée. C'est ainsi que je l'aime. 


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