Friday, June 06, 2014

The best of Biennale of Sydney, 2014 P.1

le meilleur de Biennale de Sydney, 2014

This is just my own opinions, and I couldn't really capture all the exhibitions, and also since my photography skills are limited I just don't want to share my badly composed shots either. So on the same day I went VIVID, I had spent the part of the day where the sun was still out to visit 3 of the Biennale Venues: The Art Gallery of NSW, Cockatoo Island & the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. In that order, I got tired quickly and could really only take photos in the daytime since my camera was not being cooperative.

The Art Gallery of NSW usually have the more refined works, the ones that are beautiful in their execution. They were well done and beautiful, and the venue space really gives each work a huge sense of grandeur. I also took photos of some of my favourite permanent collections as well, because who can help it.

While I was strolling through, I had discovered a little door with a plaque explaining there was a performance art within. While reading the plaque I was told I could go in and experience and see for myself. Inside I was met face to face (I'm not kidding face to face... we were breathing on each other's faces) with Yingmei Duan, and she was incredible. She had set up a room that was also a forest, with trees, it was really eerie on what used to be a plain white wall was scratchings and names. After her 1minute performance which was her childish singing, she invited everyone to do a performance art as well. I was the youngest within the room and quite shocked about being put on the spot, so my performance was using our bodies to write/visualise our name. It was quite interesting. 

Anyway, as the photos are getting heavy in this post. More on the Biennale on Wednesday. Do check it out, the last day is Monday! And its the long weekend now so you might as well check it out and stay back to see VIVID as well!


  1. Pretty pictures! :D

  2. What an interesting exhibition c; Great
    artwork and project! The performance
    by Yingmei sounds interesting c: Xx


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