Wednesday, June 04, 2014

#VividSydney2014 Photography


As the weather cools down in Sydney, you can only guess that VIVID is coming. I didn't get much free time to go this year, so I had to combine all my art-appreciating moment on one free day. So on a Thursday I went to both Biennale of Sydney and Vivid. It was an intense day. I started the day at 11am, and caught a train home around 11:30-11:40. I did my very best to see everything, I did miss out on seeing the view from Luna Park, as well as the installations at University of Sydney & Carriageworks. (They are just so unnecessarily away from the rest of the night). And you would all know some people wouldn't even bother to trek to Walsh Bay either.

Throughout the day I was carrying an old school tripod from the early 2000s, so it was unnecessarily heavy. My 5 year old Canon 450D with the 17-55mm lens which has a broken Automatic Focus. So yes, had to manual focus through the duration of the day and night. With all this equipment I was quite impressed with what I managed to produce. Really proves its not what you have but what you can do with it.

I wanted to start early so at 5:20pm I started at Martin Place. Since it was a Thursday it was rather quiet (well in comparison to the previous years). I also had a pitstop at the Lindt Cafe, since I was alone this evening I wanted to make sure I grabbed a hot cocoa to keep myself warm.

I'm really trying to limit the length of this post, so I only want to show some of my favs. And if you notice, my sense of horizontal is quite... off, I don't know I feel like with anything I do I am always leaning towards my right... So you'll see it with these photos, I think I tried straightening but my sense of ground is off and I somehow didn't edit them quite that well. But after seeing the beauty at Martin Place, I walked down to Circular Quay. This was the center of all of VIVID really, with Custom House, the Opera House, the Bridge and the MCA being the center of attention. But when you look at the entire skyline, it is quite beautiful.

After strolling through Circular Quay through to Walsh Bay, it was around 9pm already. When I got home, one of the things I noticed was this glare/reflection in the photos. And thats when I realised it was the UV filter that I had forgotten to take off. So basically the lights were reflecting onto the glass, and the sensor was picking it up as well! AHH! So after looking around, I took the long walk from Walsh Bay to the Star. It was a terrible idea, I was alone, lugging my equipment and walking in dark alleyways. Totally dangerous. I was snapchatting some friends about my high chance of dying! 

I learnt a lot about my photography capabilities on this trip. I should say I was only proud of around 10-15 photos. I wish I had the patience to think about composition instead of just "capture everything, do it do it!" And I really think VIVID is one of those events that would look amazing if you could film it. Since the lights were really supposed to create an experience for everyone. And provoke ideas (if you read the provided information). I'm sad that I'll be missing my first VIVID next year... But that happens.

Anyway the last day is 9th June. But keep in mind it starts at 6pm and lights turn off at midnight. So everyone has time for that! Don't miss it, I think it was a lot easier to navigate this year in contrast to last year. 2012 is still by far my favourite Vivid. But it is seriously only going to get better with more installations and with more and more interactivity. 


  1. I especially love your gif. What was your favourite part of Vivid? I have still yet to visit Vivid, although I am planning to head down to the city on Friday. Hopefully it isn't too crowded. Lovely photos as always!

  2. Haha, I forgot to take my UV filter off too and it's totally obvious in my photos! I love these pictures by the way, I kinda wish I made it to see Darling Harbour too but laziness took over...


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